The Bronze package is our starting sponsorship level for most businesses, but a great way to both support your local teams and engage with your community. For the teams, that means they get critical funding to their programs that you’re providing. The fans also get in on the fun with gold cards that provide discounts as well as fan prizes. And of course, both the fans and the teams gain access to our exclusive app, which offers in-game food and drink services, live-streamed games, interactive rosters, and even more!

And with your Bronze sponsorship, you get some cool bonuses! Bronze sponsors get access to some cool online features; we’ll redirect fans to your website and social media, which you can track and analyze. And if you need help, our support and graphic design teams are here to lend a hand. You’ll also get a directory listing in our catalog of sponsors, making you much easier to find online! You can even show off your sponsorship with a certificate commemorating your generous donation.

And of course, you’ll be getting some great social engagement – courtesy of MyGameDayLive via our Social Media Powerpack and curated social media ads!



Post Season Full Commercial:Not Included
Sponsorship Recognition T Shirts:Not Included
Pre Season Full Commercial:Not Included
Managed Marketing Services:Not Included
Direct Message Promo Offer:Not Included
Social Media Local Boost:Not Included
Promo Posters:Not Included
Promo Banner:Not Included
Sponsorship Recognition Plaque:Not Included
Promo Cards:Not Included
Cover Page Banner Ad:Not Included
Feature Story On Your Business:Not Included
Athlete Of The Week Promotion (If Available):Not Included
Short Video:Not Included
Promo Video:Not Included
Community Posters:Not Included
Social Media Power Pack:Not Included
Social Media Videos:Not Included
Social Media Display Post:1
Inside Pages:Yes
Fan Prizes:Yes
Gold Card Offer:Yes
Tracking & Analytics:Yes
Sponsors Directory Listing:Yes
Sponsorship Recognition Certificate:Yes
Tracking & Analytics:Yes
Redirect To Your Website:Yes
Custom Graphic Design:Yes